#AmazonCart: Add it Now. Buy it Later. Shop from within Twitter.

Internet retailer number 1 in the world Amazon closer to the clients to the distance of one hashtag microblogging service Twitter , received an additional sales channel and an effective advertising channel. To make a purchase directly from twitter now enough to put hashtag # AmazonCart and write in the same tweet with a product… Read More »

Choose which camera for video?

Times when manufacturers proudly stated: “Serious video camera does not shoot!” – Are long gone. Now rollers removes virtually anything that has a photosensitive matrix. A SLR camera system and confidently compete with amateur or even professional camcorders. Several years ago, the question, “What camera do you recommend for video?” Caused a sarcastic smile, but… Read More »

HP Monitors with billion colors

Displays HP Z27x Z24x and feature proprietary technology DreamColor Engine second generation and to reproduce 1.07 billion colors with an error, indistinguishable to the human eye. Compared with the previous generation displays, new items have 60% ​​more pixels, increased by 4,000% internal color palette and 57% smaller thickness. Monitors are designed for users who require… Read More »

Apple and Amazon, Netflix can beat it?

April 25, according to foreign media reports, Apple recently launched a live program and the increasing expansion of the Amazon and Netflix video services are the main business of “coincide”, if the two companies related business development goes well, there may be the overlord Netflix has been pulled down from the throne, after Netflix in… Read More »

Under an Internet portal: WiFi sharing platform

REVIEW: According to reliable sources, Tencent has the WiFi sharing platform into a very important position, the entry point is through the micro-channel public number. After intensive exchanges with the author a number of people in the industry to talk about how this is an entrance. Giants compete for users in the living room when… Read More »

Adobe introduced Lightroom for iPad

Plates were gradually transformed from a means of content consumption in more and more powerful tool. Most recently, Microsoft has introduced a touch version of Office suite of applications for the platform Apple iPad, which includes many advanced features editing documents, previously available only on desktop systems. Now Apple has announced Lightroom mobile – a… Read More »

Internal documents of Apple’s exposed in the daytime published patent litigation, it also refers to large smartphone

We will deliver can be checked in the lunch break, a little dark iPhone news app. The main iPhone · gadgets information to help you work is.  For more information about the news of the topic, I will continue to introduce again in AppBank. Pickup In patent litigation and Samsung Apple, Apple’s internal documents have… Read More »